Saturday, January 5, 2008

My First Post!

Wow, after months of waiting I finally get to make my first post! (Makes me want to chase my tail in excitement!)

For my first post I think I'll tell you about another first I went through. The groomers.

The groomers can be a very busy place. Many different dogs and people all crowded in a small area together. New smells, new sensations, new experiences. There's lots to keep a dog keyed up and alert!

Before my first trip we went for a long walk. This was to benefit both me and the groomer.

You see, as a young puppy I'm still full of energy and curiosity. These are nice and pleasant things, but can make a groomers job difficult if I'm bouncing all over while they are trying to work on me. At the groomers, I also spend some time in the kennels. This is much easier to do when I've already had a long walk and gotten "the tickle out of my feet."

I still bounced around during my bath and a bit on the table (I was with new people! Oh boy!) but not nearly as much as I would've without a walk.

The groomer was very gentle and started slowly from the back, before working their way up the rest of me. This gave me a chance to get used to the hose and spray, before it was up by my head. They also kept the nozzle very close to my fur, almost in it, this cut down very much on the noise which makes the entire process much less alarming.

I really enjoyed the treats they fed me too!

Overall I think it was a fine experience. I have no problems taking a bath and am more patient these days, now that I know what it's all about.

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